Damien Jurado – Diamond Sea chords

This song can be played with or without a capo on the 1st fret. He plays both ways live. Enjoy.

G BmWhen I was a diamond
Am G Bm AmFell into the diamond sea
G BmSubstitute starlight
Am G Bm AmA prison for the rainbow stream
G Bm AmWould you tell me that you want me
G Bm Am G Bm Am G Bm AmWould you throw me back lightly into the diamond sea
G Bm Am
G BmShine on, see through me
Am G Bm AmAn expensive reflection is seen
G BmChandellier go-strap
Am G Bm AmWho's danced on the fingers of queens
G BmJealous of gold
Am G Bm AmI'm emulous into the fire
G BmMy love is not shared
Am G Bm AmIt is only for you I can shine
G Bm AmIf you decided it is not diamonds you wanted
G Bm AmIt is gold
G BmLet me go on
Am G Bm AmI would rather just drown and go on
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