Damien Jurado – Maraqopa chords

Maraqopa - Damien Jurado

This was taken from watching the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ke313JJWDJ0

He definitely is playing the Dm7, though the G* is a bit weird and I couldn't find a 
proper chord name.  The chord progression is the same throughout, though with a small 
change at the end.

G* (E 000003 E)
F/C (E 012330 E)

Dm7    G*    Dm7   G*      x2

Dm7 G*Its your oldest fear, that the love you can hear, will go
Its a deafening sound, we become light on the ground, then soil To be one with the sky, where the should all collide and turn to gold
Dm7 G*We all reign
We are rain
Dm7 G*We are storms to be seen in the meadow, we are dreams to be free
Its where we bow our heads to pray, we are echos god creates in the shade Its where the light can come in, your breath becomes the wind in the trees
Dm7 G*We are free
We are free
F/C G* DAll are welcome in x4
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