The Greatest Bastard chords ver. 2 with lyrics by Damien Rice - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Damien Rice – The Greatest Bastard chords ver. 2

Hey guys! This is my first tab.
I will be basing it from this video of Damien:

My (internet pseudo) name is Thirty. (strange right?)

If you'd like to contact me, please... don't haha! I'd rather not have my information
here. I will be checking the comments section though.

In this song, he fingerpicks, which I will not be showing you here. It's not hard to
figure out though.

I thought I'd upload this tab in-response to the previous one, correcting it,
so-to-speak... kindly. Haha!

Damien usually keeps his guitar in a full-step-down tuning, with his capo on the second
fret, giving the "standard tuning" sound.

So if you're on standard tuning, you can just keep it like that with no capo, or if
you're on a full-step-down, you can place your capo on the second fret to give the 

D Dsus2 G Em F#m A |--2------ ----0----------------3-----0-----2-----5---|--3------ ----3----------------3-----0-----2-----5---|--2------ ----2----------------4-----0-----2-----6---|--0------ ----0----------------5-----2-----4-----7---|--0------ ----0----------------5-----2-----4-----7---|--2------ ----2----------------3-----0-----2-----5---|
Damien also uses "Hendrix Grips" which are a specific 'types' (or alternatives to) of Barre Chord. In the video, he uses those, instead of traditional barre chords. In fact, he seems to enjoy Hendrix Grips more than traditional barre chords. (Here's a video explaining how to do hendrix grips) So if you're wanting to play the song "correctly", then you should use the Hendrix Grip alternatives to Barre Chords.
D Dsus2I made you laugh, I made you cry,
GI made you open up your eyes
Dsus2Didn't I?
D Dsus2I helped you open up your wings,
GYour legs and many other things
Dsus2Didn't I?
Em F#mAm I the greatest bastard that you know,
GThe only one who lets you go,
AThe one you hurt so much you can not bear?
DWe were good when we were good,
G Dsus2When we were not misunderstood.
D Dsus2You helped me love, you helped me live
GYou helped me learn how to forgive,
Dsus2Didn't you?
D Dsus2Wish that I could say the same,
GBut when you left, you left the blame.
Dsus2Didn't you?
Em F#mAm I the greatest bastard that you met,
GThe only one you can't forget,
AAm I the one your truth's been waiting for?
D Dsus2Am I just dreaming once again?
G Dsus2Some dreams are better when they end
D Dsus2Just woke in bed, you were in my head
GI was underground and in a dream
Dsus2Pass this place I'm not suppose to be,
D Dsus2And you were there waiting for me
GAnd, with a smile, you said It's been awhile
Dsus2You asked have I had I seen her recently.
Em Dsus2Am I the greatest bastard that you know?
GWhen will we learn to let this go?
Dsus2We fought so much we've broken all the chance!
D Dsus2Letting go is not the same
G Dsus2As pushing someone else away.
Bm F#m GSo please don't let on you don't know me!
Bm F#m GPlease don't let on that I'm not here!
Bm F#m GPlease don't let on you don't love me,
Bm F#mCause I know you do,
GI know you do
(Bm F#m G A)x2 BmSomewhere
Credits: xtalv (youtube) - for the video of this song shaynegibbs (youtube) - for the explanation on how to do "Hendrix Grips" Damien Rice - Of course, for this LOVELY tune <3
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