Damon Albarn – Apple Carts chords

Dr Dee: Apple carts

During the verses: Play the two lowest strings of each chord alternatively quickly.During the chorus: Play the full chords.G#/D:--------------0-|--------------3-|--------------1-|--------------x-|--------------x-|--------------x-|
Bm GPour the apple carts up from silvery hill
G#/Dhigher into heaven revealed
A F#On the adult dome respond
Bm Gto great authority singing alleluia alleluia
Chorus: F# Em G
F# BmLove does reign in the kingdom of the broken heart,
Em G F# Bm the black bird sings, the moon it starts
Em G Bm war begins ... Dawns.
Now (Bm) burn the apple carts they were (G)meant to look great fire making to grow (G#/D) in the space (A) there beneath the stones re(F#)charge
from (Bm) great austerity turning (G) lovers tonightsilver and white
(F#) are disdained, (Em) in the kingdom (G) of (F#) the broken (Bm) heart, (Em) the black bird (G) sings, (F#) the sun it (Bm) starts, (Em) war be(G)gins... (Bm) Dawns. Note: Some lyrics must be wrong ("adult dome", "they were meant") and the chord I call
G#/D surely has a proper name.I put the chord above or before the word/syllable it is played with.
Please let me know what you think of these chords.
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