Dan Auerbach – Trouble Weighs A Ton tab

			 TROUBLE WEIGHS A TON - Dan Auerbach
Tabbed by: Nick Celender
Email: nick.celender@gmail.com
Date: 2/23/09
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 2, chords relative to

D - xx0232
C - x32013
C/G - 332010
Am - x02210
G - 320003

Riff 1:

(G) (C)e|-3-----0--------|B|-0-----1--------|G|-0-----0--------|D|-0--0--2--------|A|-2--0--3--------|E|-3-----x--------|
Riff 2:
Verse 1: G C/G G C G What's wrong, dear brother, have you lost faith G (Riff 1) C (Riff 2) Don't you remember a better place D Needles and things have done you in G C (Riff 2) Like the setting sun G G C G Oh dear brother, trouble weighs a ton Verse 2: G C/G G C G What's wrong dear sister, did your world fall down G (Riff 1) C (Riff 2) Men misuse you and push you around D D Same story dear, year after year G C (Riff 2) Pathetic men run G G C G Oh, dear sister, trouble weighs a ton Am G C Trouble in the air Am G C Trouble all I see Am G C Does anybody care Am G C Trouble killing me D It's killing me Verse 3: G C/G G C G What's wrong dear mother, has your child disobeyed G (Riff1) C (Riff2) And left you hurting in so many ways D D What once was sweet, is sorrow and grief G C (Riff2) It cannot be undone G G C G Oh dear mother, trouble weighs a ton G G C G Oh dear mother, trouble weighs a ton ===============================================================================
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