Dan Byrd - Boulevard chords

Boulevard by Dan Byrd

Intro: ||   Am   |   Dm   |   F   E   |   Am   || 

Am DmI don't know why, you said goodbye
F E AmJust let me know, you didn't go, forever my love
Am DmPlease tell me why, you make me cry
F E AmI beg you please, I’m on my knees, if that's what you want me to
Am DmNever knew, that it would go so far
G CWhen you left me on that boulevard
Am Dm Come again you would release my pain
F E AmAnd we could be lovers again
Am DmJust one more chance, another dance
F E AmAnd let me feel, it isn't real, that I’ll be losing you
Am DmThis sun will rise, within your eyes
F E AmCome back to me and we would be, happy together
[Repeat Chorus] V3:
Am DmMaybe today, I make you stay
F E AmA little while, just for a smile, and love together
Am DmFor I will show, a place I know
F E AmIn Tokyo, where we could be, happy together
[Repeat Chorus 2x] Ending Solo: || Am | Dm | G | C | | Am | Dm | F E | Am || http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fyuu4kmXVQs&feature=player_embedded
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