Dan Fogelberg - Part Of The Plan chords version 1

My reason for this tab is I think Am7 to D7 is a nice feel over the 5th and 7th 
lines of the verses.

Intro:  C - G - F - G - C - G - F - C

			Dan Fogelberg - Part Of The Plan

C G F GI have these moments so steady and strong,
C G F GI'm feeling so holy and humble.
C G F GThe next thing I know I'm all weary and weak
C G F GAnd I feel myself starting to crumble.
Am7 D7Meanings get lost and the feelings get tossed
F CYou don't know if your gonna do it.
Am7 D7Wait for the sun and it never quite comes.
F DSome kind of message gets through to you.
F GSome kind of message gets through and it says to
C G F GRun when you can, cry when you have to.
C G F GBe what you are thats a part of the plan.
C G F GI wait your arrival with simple survival.
F CAnd one day we'll all understand,
F DOne day we'll all understand,
F C GOne day we'll all understand.
I had a woman who gave me her soul, But I wasn't ready to take it. Her heart was so fragile and heavy to hold And I was afraid I might break it. Meanings awake and you see your mistakes, You wish someone would buy your confessions. Days miss their mark and the night gets so dark. And some kind of message gets through to you, Somehow a message shoots through. CHORUS There is no Eden or heavenly gate That your gonna make it to one day. All of the answers you seek can be found In the dreams you dream along the way. Enjoy!!! fartsonu@gmail.com
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