Dan Mangan – So Much For Everyone chords

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Tabbed by:Ash Middleton

Tuning:Standard EADGBe Capo 2nd

Chords used: 

G D Bm A

D Gas much as i'd like to go
Bm Ato places i've never known,
D Gscared shitless to leave home,
Bm Aand i don't want to go alone.
D Gi miss the rewarding gaze
Bm Aof a friend from my younger days,
D Gdidn't mind ‘bout my selfish ways,
Bm Aas he died i was miles away.
D Gi hope he remembers how,
Bm Aas i do when i look back now,
D Gthough he'd bark at the slightest sound,
Bm Awould not bite for he knew not how.
The chords are pretty much the same all the way through,he fingerpicks the chords during some of the verses. easy.
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