Dan Mangan - Some People chords version 1

Tabbed By: Mike

Capo 5

Standard Tuning
** All chords relative to capo **

Some of the less obvious chords:

B7 Am/F# Dadd4e---------0-------0-----|B--0------1-------3-----|G--2------2-------0-----|D--1------2-------4-----|A--2--------------5-----|E---------2-------5-----|
B7Oh and on the screen my love interest
C G is making out with other guys
B7And I drank not enough to make me drunk
C Gand just enough to make me tired
Am/F# B7 Em Dadd4 CAnd it's too easy to be awful to the ones you need the most
G B7 EmSo in the end all I hope is that they know
B7Ask the bottom from the top
C Gand they will tell you that it's lonely too
B7So find a gun and spin the wheel
C Gand try to figure which god you'll choose
Am/F# B7 Em Dadd4 CIt's too easy to be angry at the ones that you don't know
G B7 EmSo don't ask questions, don't ask directions, just go
** During the solo just play the part from the verse ** B7 C G B7 C G Am/F# B7 Em Dadd4 C G B7 Em
** hold the last Em as the lead guitar is walking down at the end of the solo **e--------------------------------------------|B--.../5---54---43---32---21---10---0--------|G------------------------------------3---32--|...D--------------------------------------------|
B7So paint your pickets white and beat your wife
C Gjust don't forget to shut the blinds
B7If you can keep your neighbours in the dark
C Gthen surely God can close her eyes
Am/F# B7 Em Dadd4 C'Cause it's too easy to be righteous when you eat... what you've been fed
G B7 EmSome people don't question what they've read
G B7 Em Dadd4 CSome people should
G B7 EmSome people Some people
C G B7 Em Dadd4So what do you do, what do you do when you go home?
C G B7 Em Dadd4Now what do you do, what do you do when you go home?
** repeat last line to end and finish on C **
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