Dana – Fairytale chords


Capo on the 4th fret on standard tuning.

Intro goes like:
Dsus4 D then Dsus2 D

Verse 1

DImagine what a fool you could have made of me
GJust think of what you are doing to my pride.
Em AYou run around and love a lot and never know
The good you have got.
GAway you go and away you've been
Abut don't you know you are living in a . . .
DFairytale.. I do believe that you believe
BmYour fairytale
GImagining it's happening they do come true
ABut you only alone believe that too.
Verse 2
DYou're walking on a tight rope but you'd better know
GThere is no one there to catch you if you fall.
EmBut I understand what's in your mind
AAnd now you're waiting right behind
GI should have known it from the start
AI'd only be another part of your . . .
repeat chorus
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