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Song: Better Than Anything
Band: Dance Hall Crashers
Album: The Old Record (1989-1992)
Written by Jason Hammon, Elyse Rogers, and Karina Dernike
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a great song by one of the all-time greatest ska bands, DHC. Enjoy:

Verse: (Played 8x) B F# EE---7---6---7---|B---7---7---9---|G---8---6---9---|D---9-------9---|A---------------|E---------------|
Break: (Played 2x) G AE---3---5---|B---3---7---|G---4---7---|D---5---7---|A-----------|E-----------|
Chorus: A D EE---5---2---4---|B---5---3---5---|G---6---2---4---|D---7-----------|A---------------|E---------------|
Order: Intro, Verse, Break, Verse, Chorus, Verse chords over horn solo, Break, Verse, Chorus, Chorus. Lyrics: As I was walking on the bridge the other day, I thought I saw you but you ducked and drove away. I could've sworn you told me you were gonna be out of town. I wanted to make sure but I couldn't track you down. And then the other night I tried to surprise you at your work, but the guys in your office said you'd gone home with a smirk. Funny thing, you weren't at home and I began to sense a change. It was then I figured out that something was a little strange. For so long, I thought you were better than anything, but now I realize that you're not the way you seem. You must've thought that I was much too dumb to figure out that you're a lying cheat that's always running about. Like all those nights you told me you were going out with the guys. Did you think I'd believe you after you told 26 lies? I hope you like what you see! Please e-mail me if you have any questions, comments, requests, or wanna talk about DHC! Thanx Luke
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