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Song: Keep on Running
Band: Dance Hall Crashers
Album: The Old Record (1989-1992)
Written by Tim Armstrong and Joey Schaaf
Transcribed by Luke Knox (

This is a cool ska song by the Dance Hall Crashers, and if you're paying
attention, you noticed it was written by Tim Armstrong, of Rancid and
formerly of Operation Ivy, when he was called Lint. Anyway, it's not too
tough, here it is:

Intro riff: (* is when 2nd guitar comes in)E-------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------|G-------------------------------------------------------|D------4--------4-4-5-5-4-4-----------*3-3-2-2-----2----|A--5-5---5--5-5------------------2-------------3-3---3--|E----------------------------3-3---3--------------------|Play this riff 2x, then go into verse:
D GE---2---3----|B---3---3----|G---2---4----|D-------5----|A------------|E------------|
Play the same D-G progression for the chorus, and lead guitar plays the intro riff during each chorus.
(con't.)E-----------------|B-----------------|G-----------------|D--4-4-----5-5-4--| (back to chorus, w/intro riff)A------5-5--------|E-----------------|
During last chorus, there is a key change, and the chords change to E-A: E AE---4---5---|B---5---5---|G---4---6---|D-------7---|A-----------|E-----------|
Lyrics: I keep on running but I'm starting to tire. I keep on moving cause my mind's on fire. It's an uphill climb but my feet are getting heavy. I keep on running cause I'm feeling ready Keep on Running. . . . I'm getting tired but I try to ignore it cause if I don't I'll be heading for it. I know if I stop I'll be a dead man, the way it is for me, must be in the plan. Keep on Running. . . . I keep on running cause I can't turn back. I've got no choice my body's keeping track of the miles I've gone and the miles left to go. If I stop now everyone will surely know. Keep on Running. . . . That's it! Hey, e-mail me with any comments, changes, suggestions, questions or requests. I hope you like the tab. Luke
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