Daniel Bedingfield – Girlfriend chords

E Girlfriend, you make my
B2head start spinning around
C#mAnd all I can ever hear
is the sound
AOf your heart beating
Ein my ears
C#m AGirlfriend, this boy has found
Eanother reason to sing
You're reminding
B2me of everything
A E That I hold dear in my heart
AAnd I'm feeling elevated
Am ELifted to my highest dream
AMy whole world's revolving
Am C D(C up 2 frets)in circles round your heart
AYou gotta be the one for
Amme or else life
Emakes no sense
ASo wrap your arms
around me and
Am C D(C up 2 frets)Kiss me till I'm dead
EGirlfriend, a girl like you
B2would take an army to find
How glad I am that you said
C#m you would be mine
AStanding there in the cold,
Edark night
C#m AGirlfriend, let me take you to
Ethe fields of the sun
How much it means to me
B2that you are the one
A EThat I hold here in my arms
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