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Daniel Johnston – Pot Head chords

Gm DmMan you look like old man's eyes
C FWhen I saw you in that room
Em AmAnd now you're on tour
C Bm BThey booked you in the asylum
Gm Dm C FYou work so hard at being a buffoon
Em AmAnd now you ain't got no incentive left
C Bm BYou popped your own balloon
C GYou wanted to be somebody
F C BBut you ain't nobody
CYou ain't got no body
GYou're just a head
C GYou're just a pothead
AI heard one day they said you got so high
DYou ate up a chicken head and it was still alive
AI have some friends who swear you did so don't deny
DSome day you're gonna get so messed up
You'll eat the head off your kid
AAnd won't you be sorry, pothead
Gm DmYou brag to all your friends
C FAbout the fun you had last night
Em Am C Bm BI wonder if you realise you forgot to brush your teeth
Gm DmAnd then you'll come a-bummin'
C FAsking for some money
Em AmYou even tried to roll the sacred pages
C Bm BAnd you burnt your lip
Gm DmThat lip is has a trench in it
C FWhere that wild weed sits
Em AmSucking like a parasite
C Bm BOf any sense you might have left
Gm DmYou say that you are happy
C FAnd you like stormy weather
Em AmWell I think that you're just dumb
C Bm BAnd you don't know any better
Gm DmYou play your rock and roll guitar
C FYou say you're gonna be a big star
Em AmBut everyone in this neighborhood
C Bm BKnows just who you are
Gm DmNo I ain't tryin' to be hard
C FI don't mean to be cruel
Em AmI'm just tryin' to say something that'll shock
C BYou into going back to school
COr maybe at least reality
GIn this year
C GYou wanted to be somebody
F CBut you ain't nobody
B CYou ain't got no body
GYou're just a head
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