Daniel Norgren – Putting My Tomorrows Behind chords

F GmWhen I'm coming home, my mind starts to roam.
Gm FI go to bed while picking up speed
F Gmthe surface might say that I'm doing okay
Gm Fthat I got what a man might need
F GmI got my degree, a brand new tv
Gm Fthe parts where I live ain't too bad
F Gmbut I can't recall, none of it all
Gm Fin any dreams I've had
Bb F BbI hear myself saying, I'm doing fine my life is a walk through the pines.
F Gm FBut I'm sick and I'm tired, spending my time, putting my tomorrows behind.
F GmThe sky is big and white and I'm locked inside
Gm Fworking all day with a frown
F GmI guess I'm just a coward who would need to get fired
Gm Fand banished from this town
Bb F BbI think to myself, things weren't trying like tomorrow I'll quit, tough I'm.
F Gm Fbut I'm sick and tired spending my time putting my tomorrows behind.
BbI think to myself, time after time
F Bbtomorrow I'll be there in my prime
F Gm Fbut I'm sick and I'm tired, cause I know that I'm lying I'm putting my tomorrows behind
F GmI'm sick and I'm tired, cause I'm not even trying
Gm FI'm putting my tomorrows behind.
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