Danielle Rose – Walk On Water chords

Intro: Dm C G x2

Dm. C. GThe waters saw you, Lord, the coastlands trembled.
Dm. C. AThrough the mighty sea you made your way.
Dm. C. GThough your footsteps were unseen, in the night you came to me
C. G DmWhile the boat was tossing in the waves.
Dm C G
Dm. C. G'Are you but a ghost?' I cried in terror.
Dm. C. A'Take courage, it is I. Don't be afraid.'
Dm. C. GLord, if it's you, command I come and walk upon the water now,
C. G. DmYou whom even wind and seas obey.'
Chorus 1:
C. G. DHe said, 'Come to me and walk upon the water.
C. G. DCome in faith - my grace will be enough.
C. G. DIf you believe, you'll come to know Love's power.
C. G. Dm Come to me, and I will hold you up.'
Dm. C. GI held the boat's edge, putting one leg over.
Dm. C. AThe sea was dancing underneath my feet.
Dm. C. GI looked to you and I let go of everything I claim to know
C. G. DmCarried by the grace you've given me.
C. G. DBut can I really walk upon this water?
C. G. DThe wind is strong and I am so afraid.
C. G. DMy faith is weak, Lord, save me with your power.
C. G. F F. CI am sinking deep into the waves. The waves
Dm. C. GYou raised your hand and stretched it out to save me.
Dm. C. AThe sea was parted underneath your gaze.
Dm. C. GYou lifted me up from waters wild; you claimed me as your child,
C. G. DmSaying, 'Why'd you doubt, O you of little faith?'
D. C. G'I brought you out of Egypt through the waters.
D. C. GI baptized you with power to believe.'
D. C. GTruly, you're the Son of God, Lord Jesus.
C. G. DmKeep me in the harbor of your peace.
C. G. DmBe still my soul, *let it ring for God can do all things.
Outro: Dm C G
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