Little Umbrella Song chords with lyrics by Danny Casale - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Danny Casale – Little Umbrella Song chords

[Verse 1]
C GDo you ever question
FWhere little umbrellas come from
C GWell let me teach you a lesson
FOoo baa doo ba doo 3 2 1…
[Verse 2]
C GA long time ago a really old wizard
FWas walking through the forest and met a cool lizard
CThe lizard said
G FHey dude it's about to rain soon
GOk doo doo doo!
GWhat do you need me to do
GI got magic moves that could
GDo anything for you
The lizard said [Chorus]
C G FGive me a tiny umbrella
C G FThats all i really need
C G FI can't say i want much else i'm just tryna keep
C G FDry under these leaves
*bar the first fret, then second, ect, until the 5th fret)
No problem
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