Danzig - Black Mass tab

BLACK MASS, by Danzig. From the "I Luciferi" album.
Tabbed by Jake Strange (aka: Scumfuc)
Email:  jakestrange@chaosmagic.com

Main Riff: c|-----------------------------------------------------------------| G|-----------------------------------------------------------------|Eb|-----------------------------------------------------------------|Bb|-----9-----7-----5-----------------9-----7-----3-----------------| F|(2)------------------33333----(2)------------------33333---------| C|-0------0-----0------11111-----0------0-----0------11111---------| pm-----| pm----|
Chorus: c|-------------------(0)----| G|-------------------(0)----|Eb|-------------------(0)----|Bb|---2----------------3-----| F|---2----------------3-----| C|---0----------------1-----|
I'm not exactly sure about the notes in parentheses. I play it that way when I covered it & it sounded like it. The chorus is just E & F chords, anyway. And the bassline is actually just plays a low E & F throughout the whole song... I'm very sure of that.
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