Darius Rucker - History In The Making chords

Cheers all.  Here is my best shot at this tune.  I am not quite sure of the C/
B..but it sounds OK.  Let me know if you have the fix.

INTRO: | C | F | C | F | e|-0--1--0--x-----1--|-0--1--0--x-----1--| B|-1--1--1--3-----1--|-1--1--1--3-----1--| G|-0--0--0--0-----2--|-0--0--0--0-----2--| D|-2--2--2--2-----3--|-2--2--2--2-----3--| A|-3--3--3--3-----3--|-3--3--3--3-----3--| E|-x--x--x--x-----1--|-x--x--x--x-----1--|
C C/BDont move, baby dont move, Awwww look at you
F FI just want to take this in...The moonlight dancing off your skin.
C C/B Our time, Lets take our time. I just want to look in your eyes and
F Gcatch my breath. Cuz I just got this feeling
C C/B This could be one of those memories
Am G F We want to hold on to, cling to, one we cant forget
C C/B Baby this, could be our last first kiss
Am F The thought of forever. What if this was that moment
G C That chance worth taking. History in the making
| C | F | C | F | (last C of chorus is 1st C of this little interlude)
C C/B Inside, baby inside. Cant you feel the butterflies
F FFloating all around. Cuz I can sure feel them now
C C/BTonight, maybe tonight. Is a start of a beautiful ride that will
F Gnever end. And baby Ive got a feeling
...Chorus SOLO: | C | C/B | Am | F |(the last C of the chorus is the 1st C of the solo) BRIDGE:
Bb C GRight here, right now. Holding you in my arms
...Chorus Then just ad lib til you want to end
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