Darius Rucker – Whiskey And You chords

Intro: G   C  X2

GAlways there
EmWhen my world starts closing in
DSomething to hold
C G CNo matter how long it's been
GGets me high
EmThen knocks me to the ground
DSoothes my mind
C GAnd then begins to break me down
CWhiskey and you
EmAin't nothing I can do
DBut come crawling back to
C GWhiskey and you
Instr: C C Em // D C I never asked you to love me I never begged you to stay But I never want you to leave me I wouldn't have it any other way Repeat Chorus
GAs darkness finds the candle
EmAnd the flame stops flickering
DGirl I know and I hope, It won't be too long
C G'Til we light it up again
Repeat Chorus
CWhiskey and you
EmThere ain't nothing, there ain't nothing I can do
DBut I keep crawling, I keep coming back to
C GWhiskey and you
Outro: C G C
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