Dark Dark Dark – Celebrate chords

Celebrate - Dark Dark Dark
from the album Wild Go

A ETell me what you celebrate
F#m DmIt isn’t hard to do
A Do you love me?
EDo you love that paint?
F#mExposing the brick
DThey’re crumbling a bit
ADo you love the bees
EFly over our heads
F#mRace into the woods
Dm D AMake honey so sweet
ADo you love me
EDo you love the breeze
F#mWhen you stand on the deck
DOf a boat on the sea
AOr when it comes through
EAn open window
F#mOf a high ceiling room
Dm D AOn the eleventh floor
Do you love stories Of that stream you found You followed the path Burns under your feet The trees they parted And you stumbled upon The coolest trail Your skin heads north And tell me what you celebrate It isn’t hard to do Do you love me A walk on the street Oh lavender The scent fills the air Oh remember The hand sewn quilt We laid on it there We laid on it there
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