Pieces tab with lyrics by Dark New Day - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dark New Day – Pieces tab


hey, this is one of the best delays songs they have ever written. a slow strings filled 
i think i have worked out the basic chords for it. as always, listen to the song for 
and strumming pattern.

chords used -Am/C/G/Dm
verse 1:
AM                     C
here i am again with a head to mend,
           G                  Dm
and little else beside,
AM                              C
theres nothing like a friend,
      G                  Dm
to throw you out of time,
Am                           C
running into walls when the sirens call,
G                     Dm
i dont know what to try,
AM                      C
theres nothing on TV,
G                        Dm
and staying ins a crime.

Am    C       G         Dm
so i can drive,
Am      C         G       Dm
well im learning to arrive
Am      C           G         Dm
without damaging the exit signs
Am                C           G             Dm
il pick up my peices on my way out.


verse 2:(repeated chord pattern)
i dont wanna go with voice unknown,
and drag you from the deep,
i`d rather be alone,
than next to you asleep,
running into walls when the sirens call,
i dont know what to try,
theres nothing on TV,
and staying ins a crime.


other chords you can use. (same pattern through out song)eg.so i....can drive.......e--5------3------3------5-|b--5------3------3------5-|g--5------5------4------7-|d--7------5------5------7-|a--7------3------5------5-|E--5------x------3------x-|
well im learning to arrivee--5------3------3------5-|b--5------3------3------5-|g--5------5------4------7-|d--7------5------5------7-|a--7------3------5------5-|E--5------x------3------x-|
Tim Green- delays number 1 fan:)
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