Darondo - Didnt I chords version 2


Intro goes right into main chord progression: Bb Am Gm (2x)
Bb Am GmDidnít I treat you right now? (Didnít I?)
Bb Am GmDidnít I do the best I could? (Didnít I?)
Bb Am GmDidnít I give you everything? (Didnít I?)
Bb Am GmI tried my best just to be a man. (Didnít I?)
F BbDidnít I do it baby?
F BbDidnít I do right?
F BbWhy you wanna leave me baby?
F BbDidnít I treat you right?
Bb Am Gm (cut time)
Bb Am GmI bought you diamond rings
Bb Am GmEverything
Bb Am GmThat a woman could need
Bb Am GmI bought you cars, clothes, a home
Bb Am GmWhen things was rough for me
Bb Am GmI kept on going
Bb Am Gmand back again
F Gm Am BbDidnít I (Didnít I)
F Gm Am BbDidnít I (Didnít I)
Bb Am Gm (cut time)Thereís something wrong with you
Tell me Baby are your troubles dead? You look back You should be glad Donít be mad I must be glad And sit down And let me kiss your lovely mouth
F BbDidnít I do it baby?
Didnít I do right? Why you wanna leave me baby? They say I didnít treat you right
Bb Am Gm (cut time)So much to mean to me
That you donít know Talk to me What it is That youíve done To make me ---The End--- Notes: -In the interest of time, I just put the chord progressions at the top of lines when they repeated a previous pattern. -I usually just play power chords without the low E string to make it sound a little higher and funkier. -When playing the ďF Ė BbĒ progression, I usually F Ė Bb Ė Bb9 by playing the 8th fret on the high e string with my pinky after strumming the Bb tonic chord for a few bars. Itís just something to add on to make it sound more interesting. -The song just kind of trails off at the end. I didnít catch all of the words perfectly.
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