Darondo – Didnt I chords

A great song by the obscure soul singer Darondo. I'm surprised it hasn't already been tabbed.


Intro: Bb - Am - Gm (x4)

Bb Am GmDidn't I treat yah right now? (Didn't I?)
Bb Am GmDidn't I do the best I could now? (Didn't I?)
Bb Am GmDidn't I give yah everything? (Didn't I?)
Bb Am GmI tried my best just to be a man. (Didn't I?)
Am GmDidn't I do my best baby?
Am GmDidn't I do it right?
Am GmWhy you wanna leave me, baby?
Am GmDidn't I treat yah right?
Sorry, I haven't figured out the third part yet. I just speed up the verses for it. This, though, is how most of the rest of the song goes. Cheers. I couldn't find his official site, so here are Darondo's Wikipedia and Allmusic pages, respectively: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darondo http://www.allmusic.com/artist/darondo-p733713
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