Darren Hanlon – Scenes From A Separation chords

Scenes From A Separation - Darren Hanlon

CGFC runs through the entire song except where noted.
Darren plays a little more than these basic chords (example, little hammer on the 
D string on the C in the FCG progression) but this works just fine.

Capo 4

We earmarked our August vacation as a fine place to fall apart.
And we heard that a trial separation was a quaint idea for a new start.
Then the city approached like a bandit, my hands shook as they gripped the wheel.
As if I'd always known there's no place like home to show you the way that you feel.

A rainy afternoon in your bedroom, clothes in two piles on the floor.
One is labeled old couture, the other's marked alms for the poor.
I'm just loitering trying to look helpful; you offer two corners of the sheet.
We fold over and over and over again and then in the middle we'll meet.
Now some days I feel like an engagement ring, resting on the ocean floor.
Yet others just like that same Glen Campbell record found in every second hand store.
Now right now I'm watching a drummer, haul his drums into a bar.
And deep down I'm secretly happy, that I play the harmonica.

Am Fmaj7 Am G No I'm not sayin I'm lazy, I just, take more time to digress.
And of more than three ways I empty my days, now that you're not around to impress. And of more than three ways I empty my days, now that you're not around to impress.
F C G Those forming, morning birds.
F G They don't do things by thirds.
And your voice sounds just like it's reading, from a birthday telegram. It says you're looking a little older, I say that's funny because I am. Last year escaped by the window, and this year's going for a song. And the church bells they're plagiarizing, merrily we roll along.
Am Fmaj7 Am G No we weren't together forever, but then what the hell does that mean?
One persons lifetime the history of mankind, or the years since I turned seventeen? One persons lifetime the history of mankind, or the years since you turned seventeen? Yeah I was light headed unfettered not falsely, claimed to know the dimensions of love. I was prone to wild exaggeration, sayin things I had no concept of. Maybe love takes the form of a mountain, with no choice but forever to linger. Or maybe love lives in a soap bubble, at the mercy of a childs finger. But each one comes with a little rainbow, designed to hypnotize us. And I wouldn't trade one heart-broken minute, for a years worth of dull happiness. F C G F G C G F C (x4) So I built myself another lifetime, oh how quick did the calendar grow? And right now I'm seven years wiser, than I was twenty-five years ago.
Am Fmaj7 AmI stop to play with this cat on the footpath, and he's cleaning his head
Gwith his paw.
And I know that you're gone so I'm moving on, still I know that you're worth mourning for. And I'm feeling just fine but I'm taking my time, cause I know that you're worth mourning for. Tabbed for Emma. I'm feeling just fine babe but I know that you're worth mourning for xoxo.
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