Darren Hanlon – Our Days In Kansas chords

C G Am E F C F G (x2)

C GDid you mean what you said when you told me you missed us
Am EWithout reservation, without plans for Christmas
F CFirst part was right, the rest wasn't true
F GThe same goes for me and the same goes for you
C GPacked my things for the month but it's not necessary
Am EI told you I'd stay but it's just temporary
F CLike swastika girls who fell back on their looks
F GWe relied on the tricks and the recycled hooks
C GDid you want a response or just someone to edit?
Am EIt's not what you said, it's the way that you said it
F CThe longshoreman's daughter, when they spelled her name
F G CFound three chords of brilliance and rode them to fame, all alone
[Verse 1]
CPep up the formula tonight
AmYou're not obliged to do us favors
E F C GDisenchanted hearts unite
F GWhen you and I were candy ravers
CKrushchev's Ekranoplan had failed
AmThose weeks in August never seem fair
E F C GOur love is left to sink or sail
F GYou cut the summer blonde from your hair
CA little time is all I need
AmA disco bloodbath for the ages
E F C GThe patience left to let it bleed
F GAnd a quill to fill the pages
D FSide streets set ablaze
Am GAnd all roads lead to maybe
D FSometimes I think about those days
Am GSometimes I wish we'd kept the baby
D FI don't know how things could have changed
GAt the latest
[Verse 2]
COur days in Kansas wouldn't last
AmI never learned the KU fight song
GExchanging poisons from the past
F GI hadn't heard from you in so long
CAnd if the moonlight kills the flame
AmWith all the moments we were meant to
GYou know I'll tell the world your name
F GI couldn't let the world forget you
F G C FmThings were so much easier back in 1993
F G Cmaj7I loved you for the first time on that day
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