All These Things chords with lyrics by Darren Hanlon - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Darren Hanlon – All These Things chords

I believe this matches the recording. Apologies if the lyrics aren't correct but I 
transcribed them by ear. 

The song is practically 4 chords the entire way through - listen to the song for timing.

Comments & corrections welcome.

C G Dm F x2

C G Dm F From every shadow they are things that follow you
From your late night dead end job from the old neighborhoods where you grew There's a falling satellite (The thought keeps me awake at night) There's a chocolate fondue (There's no nutritional value) There's a ground invasion (with complete colour co-ordination) There's a sleepover screen (A bed is not a trampoline) There's a hymn with a hand on the heart
C G Dm FAnd all these things will follow you
C G Dm F C G Dm FAnd all these things will follow you
C G Dm F C C G Dm F x4 VERSE 2
C G Dm FStaying locked inside all day is no big deal
But I'm yet to read a travel brochure that could change the way I feel It's suffocating in the car (It's just the way some families are) It's a book you'll get around to read (It's a pet that you forgot to feed) It's an ex-boyfriend you can't forget (a godparent you never met) BRIDGE
C G F GIt's the fear that began if one single Elvis fan
C G F G F G F GCould be wrong the other forty nine odd million screaming others also can, aaah
C G Dm FAnd those things will follow you
And those things will follow you
C G FAnd the lights will shine right through
C G Dm F So when you open up your eyes they will know you when you do
C G Dm FDid you steal my pen I left it here? (You mean the one behind you ear?)
You're just a piece of work that's all (Take me and hang me on the wall) Away from where the guards linger (You touched the painting with your finger) And I was placed under gallery arrest (It's a chance to wear your Sunday best) BRIDGE
C G F GAnd look sharp on the stand and raise my right shaking hand
C G F G F G F GAnd swear everything I say is true on first edition copy of Peter Pan, aaah
C G Dm F When you open up your eyes they will know you when they do
When you open up your eyes everyone will know it's you.
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