Darren Hayes – California tab

This is pretty easy, and fun to sing with, so enjoy! please email me if there's anything 
- jess_is_cool.online@hotmail.com- thanx heaps

(This bit is just keyboard)

I got a cottage with a sea view
I got a regular summer tan
I’ve been working up the courage to call you all year, ohhh
There is nothing I can say
There are no good words left anyway
Besides people are cruel
And the world still moves without you, ohhh

[Bb]          [F]             [G]       [Bb]
Welcome to my Californian home
[Bb]            [F]              [G]            [F]
You don’t have to call me you can leave when you want
         [Bb]             [F]
There’s a picture by my bed
         [G]            [F]
There’s a light in your eyes
I don’t know
Well I don’t know
                          [Bb] [F] [Bb] [F]
Why you still feel alone

Verse2: [Bb, F, G, F]
And we were dying from the get go
I was dreaming but you never believed
I was trying to fit myself in the spaces between, ohhh
And you were kind and sometimes cruel
You said all the world’s love couldn’t satisfy you
And nothing could have hurt me as much as the truth
Ohhh darling


yeah, i really couldn't be bothered writting out the rest(it's pretty much the same)
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