Dave Days - Fireflies chords

standard tuning.

Intro: E, A, Dsus2 (2x)

E AYou would not believe your eyes
Dsus2If ten million home supplies
E A Dsus2Appeared and taught me how to live
E AI test out every bed
Dsus2Look! I'm on a movie set
E You'd think me straight
A Dsus2I just can't help but frolic
Dsus2 A EI like to make myself believe
Dsus2 A E F#That I could die... here... happy...
Dsus2 A E F#Everything I'd ever need is right in front of me
Dsus2 A EI think there's something wrong with this TV
Dsus2(let ring)Nap time...
E A I take a thousand steps
Dsus2When do these arrows end
E A Dsus2Either Deja Vu or I've been here before
E AThese employees are jerks
Dsus2And there arrows don't freaking work
E ABecause if they did I wouldn't be asking you
Dsus2How to get out of here!!
Dsus2 A EI like to make myself believe
Dsus2 A E F#These magic arrows.. help.. me..
Dsus2 A With every step I'm lost again
E F#My legs can't walk no more
Dsus2 A EI don't think they have an exit door
Dsus2How is this a lamp?!?
A EI find it kind of hard to believe
Dsus2 A E F#That there's a food.. court.. right next.. to me
Dsus2 AIf I never left how did I get here
E F#I think I saw this in the Twilight Zone once
Dsus2 A ENobody inside made it out!
Dsus2What are you looking at?!
(Palm Mute)
E AMy points of latitude and longitude are
Dsus230 north 100 west
E A Dsus2I'll be on the couch that's on your left
Dsus2 A EI like to make myself believe
Dsus2 A EThat somebody will save me
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