Dave Gahan – Maybe tab

Here is a beautiful acoustic ballad from Dave Gahan. It was released as a b-side of 
"Dirty sticky floor" single in 2003. The song was written by Gahan and Knox Chandler. There 
is actually two guitar tracks on it (second is a solo), but i decided to make it 
without second one :)
So, listen to the original and try to play. It sounds fairy in acoustic guitar! :)

INTRO TAB:1st part: D CE|-2--2-----0---|--------------|--------------|--------------|B|-3----0-p-1---|--------------|--------------|--------------|G|-2--------0---|--------------|--------5-5---|--------------|D|-0--------2---|--------------|------5---3-3/|-7------------| - 2xA|----------3---|--------------|------3-------|--------------|E|--------------|--------------|--------------|--------------|
2nd part:E|--------------|B|----3------3--|G|--2---2--2--2-|D|--------------|A|-0-----0------|E|--------3-----|
1st part (2x)
3rd part & couplet:E|--------0-------|---------0-------|---------0-------|-----------------|B|-----3----3---3-|-----3-----3---2-|-----3-----3---3-|-------3-------3-|G|---2---2----2---|---2---2-----2---|---2---2-----2---|-----2-------2---|D|-0--------------|-2---------------|-----------------|---2-------2-----|A|----------------|-----------------|-2---------------|-0---------------|E|----------------|-----------------|-----------------|---------3-------|
CHORDS: D Em Running around a gigantic tree Bm A G Round and round I can't shake free D Em Bm A G Maybe D Em Looking behind you're much closer to me Bm A G The man I fear he lives inside of me D Em Bm A G Maybe Chorus: Em I know I can swim But what if I drown? G I know I can't win A When you're not around... That's it! :)
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