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Dave Matthews Band – All Along The Watchtower tab

Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Song: All ALong The Watchtower
Tabbed by: Mike Furey

Now listen here kids, I have seen all the other tabs and they suck ass. 
So i am gonna show you how to do it right! **standard tuning**

When he starts singing slowly:Its and 
--2--Then to >--2--
---------- G --3- Then to this: ---- --3- ---- ---- ---- ---- -3-- ---- -3-- -3-- -1--
Then Just Follow That And Listen To The Live Stuff To Get The Kool Strumming Down! Questions Or Comments? E-mail me at, And put the SUBJECT as: TAB HELP RoCk =========== Dave Matthews Band (Originally by Bob Dylan) All Along The Watchtower
Intro:E--------------------------------------------B--------------------------------------------G--------------------------------------------D------------------------x-------------------A------------------------x-------------------E--5--5--0h3-0-3----0h1--x---0h1-1--0h3-3----"No reason to get excited..."E---------------------------------------------B---------------------------------------------G---------------------------------------------D--7-7-----5-5----3-x-----3-----------5-------A--7-7-----5-5----3-x-------3/5----------5/---E--5-5---0h3-3--0h1-x--1----1/3---3------3/---
Solo: Improvise w/ Am-G-F progession
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