Dave Matthews Band - American Baby tab

e-----------------------------------|b-----------------------------------|g-----------------------------------|d----0----------------0-------------| repeat a few timesa--2-------------0--2---------------|e------2--3-------------2--3--------|
then switch to this while the song starts to speed up
e-----------------------------------|b-----------------------------------|g-----------------------------------|d-----------------------------------| repeat this a few times too.a--2-5-------0-2-5------------------|e------2-3----------2-3----5--------|
while the song continues to speed up a minute or two before dave starts to sing "she he adds chords behind the picked notes and strumms them super fast( sorta like in his song or leave") and it looks like this:
e--------------------------------------|b---4444----3333-----------------------|g---3333----0000----2222----4444-------| this gets repeated until dave startsd---3333----4444----0000----0000-------|a-2-2222--5-5555----xxxx----xxxx-------|e-----------------2-2222--3-3333---5---|
Once dave starts to sing "she says... a hundred times" the songs slows down a bit and he back to playing the first part only 3 or four times
Then it gets really fast again right when Dave starts going crazy a starts to scream and he goes back to the pick to chords but basically just strums the chords and palm mutes each set of chords.
Then the song dies back down to a slow pace and the intro is played over again.
The song is all about getting the speed changes down and like all DMB songs it changes so play with it and do whats comfortable
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