Dave Matthews Band – Dont Drink The Water tab

Dave Matthews BandDon't Drink The WaterBefore This Crowded StreetsDavid J. MatthewsTabbed By Leandro KorenLeandro_koren@yahoo.com.ar-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
Intro: D5 or just D Dropped In D.
D5 E5/DE|-|-----------------------------------|-|B|-|-----------------------------------|-|G|-|-------7--7-7-------7--7-7--7/9-7--|-|D|-|-------7--7-7-------7--7-7--7/9-7--|-|A|-|-------5--5-5-------5--5-5--5/7-5--|-|D|-|-(0)0--0--0-0-0--0--0--0-0--0-0-0--|-|
D5 E5/DE|-|-----------------------------------|-|B|-|-----------------------------------|-|G|-|-------7--7-7-------7--7-7--7/9-7--|-|D|-|-------7--7-7-------7--7-7--7/9-7--|-|A|-|-------5--5-5-------5--5-5--5/7-5--|-|D|-|-(0)0--0--0-0-0--0--0--0-0--0-0-0--|-| do this a couple times
This a mix between the guitar and the sax part, so listen to it and try to get what i'm trying to write. This thing is repeated thru the song a lot of times. [Figure 1]: This figure is play a lot of times during the song, it's a mix between the sax figure and the guitar.
You have to accentuate the bass. () ..don't drink the water... Verse I: D5 Am5/D [Figure 1] D5 Come out, come out, no use in hiding D5 Am5/D [Figure 1] D5 Come out, come out, can you not see? D5 Am5/D [Figure 1] D5 Theres no place here what were you expecting? D5 Am5/D [Figure 1] D5 No room for both, just room for me G5 D5 [Figure 1] D5 So you will lay your arms down G5 D5 [Figure 1] D5 Yes I will call this home Verse II: Away, away You have been banished Your land is gone and given me And here I will spread my wings Yes I will call this home What's this you say? You feel a right to remain? Then stay And I will bury you Bridge: Bm Whats this you say? G5 You feel a right to remain? Then stay D5 [Figure 1] D5 And I will bury you Bm Whats this you say? G Your fathers spirit still lives in this place? D5 [Figure 1] D5 Well, I will silence you Verse III: Here's the hitch, your horse is leaving Don't miss your boat its leaving now G5 D5 And as you go I will spread my wings G5 D5 Yes I will call this home Bridge II: Bm I have no time G5 To justify to you. Fool you're blind D5 Now move aside for me Bm All I can say G5 To you my new neighbor is you must move on D5 Or I will bury you G5 D5 Now as I rest my feet by this fire G5 D5 Those hands once warmed here, well I have retired them G5 D5 And I can breathe my own air and I can sleep more soundly Bm Upon these poor souls G5 D5 I'll build Heaven and call it home Cause your all dead now End: Bb/D D5 And I live with my justice And I live with my greedy need I'm gonna live with no mercy And I'll live with my frenzied feeding I live with my hatred And I'll live with my jealousy I'm gonna live with the notion That I don't need anyone but me.... Don't drink the water Don't drink the water There's blood in the water Don't drink the water Ending: Bb/D D5 Chords:
D5 Am5/D G5 Bm Bb/DE|-|---X----X----X----2----X----|-|B|-|---X----X----X----3----X----|-|G|-|---7----5----X----4----7----|-|D|-|---7----7----5----4----8----|-|A|-|---5----7----5----2----5----|-|D|-|---0----0----5----X----0----|-|
Another way to the play the G5:
Is not complicated, if you want this to sound good you will need a bass.
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