Dave Matthews Band – So Much To Say tab

This was done from the Live in Chicago 12-19-98 version (my favorite), but I listen to 
Central Park Concert version a lot too.

I think this is closer than some of the other tabs, at least for playing it acoustically 
still maybe not perfect). Btw, this is my 1st time to submit a tab, even tough I’ve 
a lot of stuff.

I play this acoustically btw (though there's a lotta bass, electric, etc).

INTRO G/A A A A A A A G G G/A A A A A A A G ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^E--3/5---5-5---------------3--3--3/5--5-5--------------3--|B--3/5---5-5---------------3--3--3/5--5-5--------------3--|G--4/6---6-6--6--5---------4--4--4/6--6-6--6--5--------4--|D--5/7---7-7--------7--7---5--5--5/7--7-7--------7--7--5--|A--5/7---7-7---------------5--5--5/7--7-7--------------5--|E--3/5---5-5---------------3---3--3/5--5-5-------------3--|
When you slide from F to G in the verse, make sure that you emphasize the bass strings A, D) - you don’t even have to play G, B, and little E. BRIDGE A D G C A I find sometimes it easy to be myself D G C REPEAT VERSE'S TAB Sometimes, yea, I find it better to be somebody else You can slide from G to A (G/A) at the beginning of the bridge if you want. After Dave skats, and the rest of the band plays a bit, another guitar part comes in: - This is the E on the 12th fret: E E E D/D#/E E E D/D#/E F E D E F E D/D#/E E E E...... (i dunno how to transcribe the strumming that well, but it’s not if you just listen to it) CHORDS: INTRO G/A A G x4 VERSE G/A A F F/G G C I see my hell is the closet I’m stuck inside G G/A A G G/A A G I'm always eager to learn, so please send me any corrections you that need to be made to at raincasterman@yahoo.com. Thanks! Your neighborhood friendly Chococolateman
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