Just What I Needed tab with lyrics by Dave Sharman - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dave Sharman – Just What I Needed tab

Dave Sharman
Wave album

b = bend (not full bends, but vibrating bends)
h = hammer on
p = pulloff
/ = slide

This is the main guitar in the song, it goes pretty much throughout the entire thing. pretty good I would say,Part AE|------------------------------------------||B|----------9-----------12-----------14--16b||G|----9--------11b----------13b-------------||D|-------9----------13-----------14---------||A|------------------------------------------||E|------------------------------------------||
Part BE|------------------------------------------||B|----------9-----------12------------------||G|----9--------11b----------13b--13---------||D|-------9----------13---------------14-----||A|---------------------------------------14-||E|------------------------------------------||
Simple as that, you play part A, then you play part b. You keep doing that with some distortionand you got it.
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