David Allan Coe – Will You Remember Me chords

F Bb Will you remember me
C F Will you remember me
F Bb Thats what im talkin' about
C When my life runs out
F Will you remember me
F I was the guy that could drink you under
Bb C The table i was the last one standin'
F When the wiskey was gone I was allways
Bb C Ready willin' and able you i did it right
F When it come to doin' wrong i had more
Tatoos i could drink more booze i made
Bb My living with a guitar and a gun you
C Know i robbed more banks than Jesse James
F I was public enemy number one i was the
Guy that your parents warned you about i
Bb Was everything you wanted to be so when
C I'm dead and gone will you sing my song
F And will you remember me will you
F Bb C Remember me will you remember me
Bb That's what im talkin' about when my life
C F Runs out will you remember me i was the
The guy that wrote the songs the whole
Bb C World was singin' i played in every honky
F Tonk from dallas to dangramine i sang
Bb Please come to boston and tennesse whiskey
C I was the guy that sang you never even
F Called me by my name i once was the
Bb C Amazing but now im so amazed i lived my
F Life in the footlights yes i grew up on a
Stage you know i paid my dues i did my
Bb Time now my freinds are all dyin' you see
C But before i go i just wanna know if you
F Would remember me will you remember me
Bb C Will you remember me that's what i'm
Bb C Talkin about when my life runs out will
F You remember me
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