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David Archuleta – My Hands tab

E B A/F# A C#me|-0---0---0----0---0-|B|-0---0---0----0---5-|G|-1---4---2----2---6-|D|-2---4---2----2---6-|A|-2---2---0----0---4-|E|-0---X---2----X---0-|
Intro: E-B-A/F#-A Verse 1: E-B-A/F#-A Accidentally, on purpose I dropped my watch behind the tire Threw my alarm clock inside the fireplace Yeah, and I put the parental control on, On the news and the weather channel I'm outside in my robe I'm looking for you, oh Refrain: C#m If everything'd stop B I'd listen for your heart A To lead me right to you, yeah I tried every way I can Chorus: E But it's harder to hold on B to your hands and the hands of time A/F# I need a hand, girl, I'm trying to hold on A Losing strength in these hands of mine I need you here C#m I'm trying to hold on B Standing here, open hands and I A/F# Know I can't do this alone A Hold on, oh hold on E B Lemme hold on (hold on to my hands) A/F# Hold on to my hands (don't let go of my hands) A Don't let go Verse 2: E-B-A/F#-A I don't think this is working Freezing so hard my hands are hurting Ought to let go in the first place And I put the phone on the front lawn Everything that shows time is gone I'm outside in this cold Still looking for you -Refrain- -Chorus- -Refrain- -Chorus- -Fade- =================================================
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