David Bowie – The Supermen tab

This version appears as a bonus track on some copies of Hunky dory

F:     133211  /e: 033211
G:     355433  /e: 055433
Am:    x02210
Am/G:  3x2210
C:     x32010
Bm7:   224232
E:     022100
Ab:    466544
Bb:    688766

Intro: F /e F /e G /e G /e

     F       /e        F    /e    G        /e    G     /e
When all the world was very young mountain magic heavy hung
    F    /e        F       /e   G         /e   G        /e
The supermen would walk in file guardians of a loveless isle
    Am               Am/G   
And gloomy brow with super fear
      C                                    Bm7
Their endless tragic lives could heave nor sigh
                          E                     F        /e  F /e G /e G /e
And solemn perverse serenity wonderous beings chained to life
F       G                          F  G          
Strange games they would play then no death for the perfect men
Ab   Bb                      Am Am/G F        Ab       C
Life rolls into one for them,   so   softly a supergod cries

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