David Bowie - Blue Jean tab

The Chords are pretty Easy, I'm gonna mostly concentrate on the lead.

Starts with chords:

CCC GG|--------||--------||--------||--------||--------||--------|
The Verse Riff: (make an open D chord and use your pinky for the '3' on the first string when needed)
e|---3-2--|-3-2-0-2|---3-2--|----3-2-|-3-2-0-2||:----3-2-:||B|--3-----|--------|--3-----|--3-----|--------||:--3-----:||G|-2------|--------|-2------|-2------|--------||:-2------:|| (6x)D|0-------|--------|0-------|0-------|--------||:0-------:|| A|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------||:--------:||E|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------||:--------:||1.Blue Jean, I just met a girl named blue jean...2. One day, I'm gonna write a poem and a letter...
CCC CCC GGe|---3-2--|-3-2-0-2|--------|---3-2--|--------|B|--3-----|--------|--------|--3-----|--------|G|-2------|--------|--------|-2------|--------|D|0-------|--------|--------|0-------|--------|A|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|E|--------|--------|--------|--------|--------|
First Saxophone fill (in case you're in one of those lame-o bands without a Saxophone ;))
1st Sax fill:e|-12-------|B|---12b--10|G|----------|D|----------|A|----------|E|----------|
2nd Sax fill:(slide up to the last noteand hold it as long as you can...squeeze tight for sustain!)e|-12-------|----/17---|B|---12b--10|----------|G|----------|----------|D|----------|----------|A|----------|----------|E|----------|----------|
Chorus: (no leads here on the original version, but I put some in as the song is kind of boring with out them (and if you don't have a sax in your band) So I make my F#m and A like this:
F#m A -2- -X- -2- -2--2- -2--4- -2--4- -0--2- -X-
Use your first finger to make the A chord, and you're right in position for some fills using your A pentanoic MAJOR scale
F#m A||:--------|--------|--------|--------:||||:--------|--------|--------|--------:||||:--------|--------|--------|--------:||||:--------|--------|--------|--------:|| (x4)||:--------|--------|--------|--------:||||:--------|--------|--------|--------:||Sometime I feel like...
CCC GG|--------||--------||--------||--------||--------||--------|
OK, now just repeat the Verse and Intro from above again, but before the chorus use the second sax fill...
Now the bridge:||:--------|-3------:||||:---3-6-3|---3-6-3:||||:--------|--------:||||:-5------|--------:|| (x2)||:--------|--------:||||:--------|--------:||
And back to the chorus..., and your done. Almost. End on:
CCC GG CCC GG E|--------|--------|--------||--------|--------|--------||--------|--------|--------||--------|--------|--------||--------|--------|--------||--------|--------|--------|
Great simple song for new lead players. give it a shot... send questions, complaints, compliments, and penis enlargement ads to: rik9999@hotmail.com
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