David Bowie – Star tab

Intro C G
  |C                        |G                          |
1.  Tony went to fight in Belfast
2.  Bevan tried to change the nation

  |C                        |G                   G  F#  |
1. Rudi stayed at home to starve
2. Sonny wants to turn the world  well he can tell you that he

  |Em                       |D                          |C           G       |
1. I  could  make  it       all   worthwhile  as  a    rock & roll star
2. tried     I could make a transformation    as  a    rock & roll star

|D notes d d f# f# a a f# f# |Em                          |
 So                           inviting 

|F                       |G                     G  F#|
 so                       enticing         to play the 

|Em                       |D                          |C           G         |
part              I could  play the wild mutation as a rock & roll star

|C C   C C  C C   G      |Bb Bb  Bb Bb  Bb Bb    F    |
                       Get it all yeah!     Oh yeah

|C C   C C  C C   G      |Bb    F    |
|Em        notes  g a b  |C               notes a g f#|
I could do with the money
I'm so wiped out with things as they are

|Em                       |D                 |Eb            |F         G    F#|
I'd send my photograph to my honey  and  I'd c'mon like a regular superstar

|Em              |D              |C           |G         F# |       
  I could fall asleep at night as a rock & roll star
 I could fall in love all right as a rock & roll star

C Bb Ab G |-----------------|-------------|------------------|--|--6b8r6----------|-------------|--6b8r6-----------|--|5------7-5-------|-------------|-------7-5--------|--|5----------8-5~--|8----------8-|6---------8-5\3---|5-|3----------------|8--------8-8-|6-----------------|5-|-----------------|6--------6-6-|4-----------------|3- Rock...star Rock...star
G Bum bum Just watch me bum
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