David Bowie - David Bowie chords version 1

Track listing:
1.Uncle Arthur
2.Sell Me A Coat
3.Rubber Band
4.Love You Till Tuesday
5.There Is A Happy Land
6.We Are Hungry Men
7.When I Live My Dream
8.Little Bombardier
9.Silly Boy Blue
10.Come And Buy My Toys
11.Join The Gang
12.She's Got Medals
13.Maid Of Bond Street
14.Please Mr Gravedigger
15.The Lauging Gnome (I know it's not actually on the original album but it's a 
classic track and it's on the deluxe edition)


D A DStrikes the bell for five o'clock, Uncle Arthur closes shop,
A Dscrews the tops on all the bottles, turns the lights out, locks it up.
G A DClimbs across his bike and he's away-
G A C6 Acycles past the gas works, past the river, down the high street,
G A D Ebback to mother. It's another empty day.
E D A E D AUncle Arthur- likes his mummy- Uncle Arthur- still reads comics-
E D AUncle Arthur- follows Bat-man-.
D A DRound and round the rumours fly, how he ran away from mum,
A Don his thirty-second birthday, told her that he'd found a chum.
G A DMother cried and raved and yelled and fussed-
G A C6 AArthur left her no illusion brought the girl round, save confusion,
G A D EbSally was the real thing not just lust.
E D A E D AUncle Arthur- vanished quickly- Uncle Arthur- and his new bride-
E D AUncle Arthur- follows Sally-.
E B ERound and round goes Arthur's head, hasn't eaten well for days,
B Elittle Sally may be lovely, but cooking leaves her in a maze.
A B EUncle Arthur packed his bags and fled.
A B D6 B ABack to mother, all's forgiven serving in the family shop, he gets
B E F-his pocket money, he's well fed.
F# E B F# E BUncle Arthur- passed the gas works- Uncle Arthur- passed the river-
F# E B F# E B Uncle Arthur- down the high street- Uncle Arthur- follows mother-.
D C G Am C G/C Am7/C A winter's day,
G/C C G D D7 C G/C Am7/Ca bitter snowflake on my face, my summer girl
G/C C G/C D D7 takes little backward steps away
Em C Am Am7Jack Frost took her hand and left me, Jack Frost ain't so cool.
G C GSell me a coat with buttons of silver,
G D C G sell me a coat that's red or gold,
D C G sell me a coat with little patch pockets,
D C G C F Am7/C G/B Am G/Bsell me a coat 'cause i feel cold.
C G/C Am7/C G C G D D7 And when she smiles, the ice forgets to melt away,
C G/C Am7/C G C G D D7 not like before her smile was warm in yesterday.
Em C Am Am7 See the trees like silver candy, feel my icy hands.
Sell me a coat with buttons of silver, sell me a coat that's red or gold, sell me a coat with little patch pockets, sell me a coat 'cause i feel cold.
C D C DSee my eyes, my window pane, see my tears like gentle rain,
C/E G/D Gsus4 G/D D that's the mem - o - ry of a summer's day.
CHORUS. David Bowie - Rubber Band Intro is played on a tuba.
AmRubber Band
FThere's a rubber band that plays tunes out of tune
F#/D7In the library garden Sunday afternoon
G F DWhile a little chappie waves a golden wand
AmRubber Band
FIn 1910 I was so handsome and so strong
D7/F#My moustache was stiffly waxed and one foot long
G F DAnd I loved a girl while you played teatime tunes
Am D Am D GDear Rubber Band, you're playing my tune out of tune
Am C G oh
AmRubber Band
FWon't you play a haunting theme again to me
F#/D7While I eat my scones and drink my cup of tea
G F DThe sun is warm but it's a lonely afternoon
Solo chords: |Bm |Bm |G |G | |E7/Ab|E7/Ab|A |G E |
Trumpet solo: (instead of the bracketed note Repeat: play this for the last time.)E|-------|----------------------|--------------|B|-0-2-3-|0-2-3-3-2-3-5-3-0-(3)-|--2---3---5---|G|-------|----------------------|--------------|D|-------|----------------------|--------------|A|-------|----------------------|--------------|E|-------|----------------------|--------------|
*The next verse has only tuba and drums. Don't play the major chord, these are just the bass notes played by the tuba:*
D BRubber Band
D B D BHow I wish that I could join your Rubber Band
D B D BWe could play in lively parks throughout the land
D B (Riff below)And one Sunday afternoon, I'd find my love
*when he says "love", play this:*
*the next part is kind of tricky, this is the best way you can play all the instruments being playing at once. The numbers on top of the chords indicate the rhythm in which the chords are played,*
C#m riff: A riff: F#7/Ab riff: (1-8)(1)(2-8)(1234)(1)(234)(1234)(1)(234)
C#m riffRubber Band,
A riff twice In the '14-'18 war I went to sea
F#7/Ab riff twiceThought my Sunday love was waiting home for me
Bm A F#And now she's married to the leader of the band
Final riff: Repeat this:E|--------|------------------------|B|--------|------------------------|G|--------|------------------------|D|---3-4--|---3-4-4-3-4-6-4-3---4--|A|-6------|-6-----------------6----|E|--------|------------------------|
Last time:E|--------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------8---|G|----------------------------------8---|D|---3-4-4-3-4-6-4-3---3---4---6----8---|A|-6-----------------6-------------6----|E|--------------------------------------|
Its pretty complicated, but you'll get it. Big thankyou to 'ilikepie' for this one!! Love You Till Tuesday F# B F# B B7
F#7 E7Just look through your window, look who sit outside
B7 ALittle me is waiting, standing through the night
E F# B A AbWhen you walk out through your door, I'll wave my flag and shout
A C#mAaahh, beautiful baby,
F# BMy burning desire started on Sunday
F# BGive me your heart and I'll love you till Tuesday
F# BDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
F#7 E7Who's that hiding in the apple tree, clinging to a branch
B7 ADon't be afraid it's only me, hoping for a little romance
E F# B A AbIf you lie beneath my shade, I'll keep you nice and cool
A C#mAaahh, beautiful baby
F# BI was very lonely 'til I met you on Sunday
F# BMy passion's never ending and I'll love you till Tuesday
F# BDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G C C7Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G7 F7Let the wind blow through your hair, be nice to the big blue sea
C7 BbDon't be afraid of the man in the moon, because it's only me
F G C Bb AI shall always want you, until my love runs dry
F DmAaahh, beautiful baby
G C7My hearts a flame, I'll love you till Tuesday
G C7My head's in a whirl and I'll love you till Tuesday
G C7Love, love, love, love, love you till Tuesday
G C7Love, love, love, love, love you till Tuesday
G CDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G CDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G COoooo, Da Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G CDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
G CDa Da Da Da, Da Da Da Da
(tacet) Well, I might be able to stretch it till Wendnesday... There Is A Happy Land..This is a messy and horrible tab for which I apologise, no idea who it's from but on my LP record this song is too badly damaged to hear so I couldn't tab it myself, sorry about the quality!
Fadd9 G A7sus D there is a happy land where only children live.
Am Em Am Em F C G--G play that twice ending with C. Am F D7/F# G Charlie browns got half a crown he's ( C)going to buy a kite . Em)Jimmy's ill with chicken pox and(C)Tommy's learnt to(F) ride his(G) bike. (F)Tiny(Em)Tim sings(Am)and hymns(C),(Am)he's so (C)small we don't(F)notice him(Em). He (D)get in the way but we(G7)always let him play with us. The ending is (Fmaj7)and (Cmaj7) We are hungry men spoken part is (A)... (D)My studies include su(A)ffragy, I've(D)formed my own so(A)ciety to(D)the power of fe(A)cundity. The (D) world will over (A)populate Unless(D) you claim infertil(G)ity, So(A) will(D/F#)buy a (E)drink for me(A) Messi(D)ah. (D/C) Chorus...(B)we are(A)not your friends, (B)we don't give a (A)damn for what you're (G)saying, (Em)we're here to (A)live our lives. And with the same chord pattern throughout the rest of the songs/verses. Other lyrics: I propose to give the pill Free of charge to those that feel That they are not infertible The kroks of you, the cattle gun There's only one way to linger on So who will buy a drink for me, your messiah We are not your friends We don't give a damn for what you're saying We're here to live our lives Achtung, achtung, these are your orders Anyone found guilty of consuming more than their allotted amount of air Will be slaughtered and cremated Only one cubic foot of air is allowed ... I have prepared a document, Legalising mass abortion We will turn a blind eye to infanticide We are not your friends We don't give a damn for what you're saying We're here to live our lives You don't seem to hear me clear Do I talk above your sphere? Let me explain my project, dear Show you how I'll save the world Or let it die within the year Why do you look that way at me, your messiah We are not your friends We don't give a damn for what you're saying We're here to live our lives WHEN I LIVE MY DREAM
F F Gm/CWhen I live my dream I'll take you with me, riding on a golden horse.
F Gm/C FWe'll live within my castle with people there to serve you,
F Cm7 F Gm7 C7 happy at the sound of your voice.
F Gm7 C Bb May-be I'll slay a dragon for you,
F Gm7 C Bbor banish wicked giants from the land,
F Ebadd9 Eb F Bbbut you will find--------- that nothing in my dream can hurt you,
Cm Eb F Bb Fm7 C C7 we will only love each other, as forever when I live my dream.
F etcWhen I live my dream, I'll forgive the things you told me,
and the empty man you left behind. It's a broken heart that dreams, It's a broken heart you left me, only love can live in my dreams. Wish- and the thunder clouds will vanish, wish- and the storm will fade away, wish again---------and you will stand before me while the sky will paint an overture and trees will play the rhythm of my dream. When I live my dream, please be there to meet me, let me be the one to understand. When I live my dream, I'll forget the hurt you gave me, then we can live in our new land. Till the day my dream cascades around me,
I'm content to let you pass me by, F Bbtill that day-------------------------you'll run to many other men,
Cm Eb Asus4 Cbut let them know it's just for now, tell them that I've got a dream
D Gand tell them you're the starring role,
Ab C# Eb Cm Ab Fm tell them I'm a dreaming kind of guy--------And I'm gonna make my dream-----
C# C Bb F Tell them I will live my dream-----------
F C Bb F Tell them they can laugh at me-----------
F C BbBut don't forget your date with me-----------
Bbm Ab Eb Bb F# FWhen I live my dream-------------------------------.
LITTLE BOMBARDIER - David Bowie Intro: Bm Cm C D G
G Em War made him a soldier
C D GLittle Frankie Mear
G Em Peace left him a loser
C D GThe little bombardier
Em C Lines of worry appeared with age
D GUnskilled hands that knew no trade
Bm Cm Spent his time in the picture house
C D G The little bombardier
C Cm G
G Em Frankie drank his money
C D GThe little that he made
G EmTold his woes to no man
C D GFriendless, lonely days
Em C Then one day, in the ABC
D GFour bright eyes gazed longingly
Bm CmAt the ice-cream in the hand of
C D GThe little bombardier
Dm A
Dm A Sunshine entered our Frankie's days
Dm AGone his worries, his hopeless maze
Bb D AHis life was fun and his heart was full of joy
Dm ATwo young children had changed his aims
Dm AHe gave them toffees and played their games
Bb D AHe brought them presents with every coin he made
Break: G Em C D G G Em C D G Em C D G Bm Cm C D G
G Em Then two gentlemen called on him
C D GAsked him for his name
G Em Why was he friends with the children
C D GWere they just a game?
Em CLeave them alone or we'll get sore
D GWe've had blokes like you in the station before
Bm CmThe hand of authority said "no more" to
C D GThe little bombardier
Em CPacked his bags, his heart in pain
D GWiped a tear and caught a train
Bm CmNot to be seen in the town again
C D GThe little bombardier
Silly boy blue
D AMountains of Lhasa are feeling the rain
D A People are walking the Botella lanes
E D Preacher takes the school
E DOne boy breaks a rule
A G ASilly Boy Blue, ooo blue, Silly Boy Blue
D AYak butter statues that melt in the sun
D ACannot dissolve all the work you've not done
E DA chela likes to feel
E DThat his overself pays the bill
A D A D G ASilly Boy Blue, ooo blue, ooo ooo oooo Silly Boy Blue
(G) F#- GYou wish and wish, and wish again
F#- GYou've tried so hard to fly
E AYou'll never leave your body now
E G AYou've got to wait to diiiiiiiiiiiie
(key change, bass leads walkdown - A G F#)
E BLa la la la la la la, la la la la
E BLa la la la la la la, la la la la
F# ELa la la la la, La
F# ELa la la la la, La
B E B E A BSilly Boy Blue, ooo blue, ooo ooo oooo Silly Boy Blue
E BChild of Tibet, you're a gift from the sun
E BReincarnation of one better man
F# EThe homeward road is long
F# EYou've left your prayers and song
B E B E BSilly Boy Blue, ooo blue, ooo ooo oooo Silly Boy Blue
D Am D AmSmiling girls and rosy boys, come and buy my little toys,
D Am D G D Ammonkeys made of ginger bread and sugar horses painted red.
D Am D Am Rich men's children running past their fathers dressed in hose,
D Am D Ggolden hair and mud of many acres on their shoes.
F6 G F6 GGazing eyes and running wild, past the stocks and over stiles,
F6 G Am D Am D Amkiss the wind oh merry child but come and buy my toys!
D Am D Am You've watched your father plough the fields with a ram's horn,
D Am D G D Amsowed it wide with peppercorn and furrowed with a bramble thorn.
D Am D AmReaped it with a sharpened scythe, threshed it with a quill,
D Am D G the miller told your father that he'd worked it with the greatest will.
F6 G F6 GNow your watching's over you must play with girls and boys,
F6 G Am D Am D Am leave the parsley on the stalls, come and buy my toys!
F G7 C F G7 C GYou shall own a cambric shirt, you shall work your fathers land,
D G D G Gm D Am D Am but now you shall play in the market square, till you be a man.
D Am D Am Smiling girls and rosy boys, come and buy my little toys,
D Am D Gmonkeys made of ginger bread and sugar horses painted red.
ELet me introduce you to the gang,
EJohnny plays the sitar he's an existentialist,
Eonce he had an aim, now he plays our game.
EYou will feel so good now that you've joined the gang.
GMolly is a model in the ads,
Gcrazy clothes and acid, full of soul and crazy hip,
G Fsome-one switched her on, then her beam went wrong,
G F G 'cause she can't switch off now that she's joined the gang.
AArthur is a singer with a band,
AArthur drinks two bottles just before he goes on stage,
A Glook at Arthur rave, all the kids have paid,
A G Athey want to see the croaking man who joined the gang.
GThis club's called the web it's the month's pick,
Gnext month we shall find a place where prices ain't so stiff,
G Ffifteen bob a coke, 'fraid that's past a joke,
G F Gthis is how to spend now that you've joined the gang.
AThis is what to do now that you're here,
Asit 'round doing nothing altogether very fast,
A Gpsychedelic stars, throwing down cigars,
A G Athey're picking up the joints now that they've joined the gang.
A GYou won't be alone we've all got beer-y grins
Eb Dit's a big illusion, but at least you're in,-
A G Aat least you're in.
F C G D AShe'd walk through the door and she'd set up the drinks on the house
F C G D AShe played a good game of darts, and the men slapped her back, never took
her out.
Bm F# Bm E A EShe wore a trenchcoat garkey(?), her hobnail boots were full of holes.
E A E7She's got medals.
Her mother called her Mary but she changed her name to Tommy, she's a one. She went and joined the army, passed the medical, don't ask me how it's done. They sent her to the front line, fighting for her country's name She's got medals.
B GShe got very tired of picking up girls,
C FCleaning her gun, and shaving her curls
Bb Eb C F C G D AThen the enemy dropped a bomb, survivors there were none!
F C G D APeople say that when the moon is full and when the stars have gone to bed
F C G D AYou can see a ghost but that's a lie because the naughty woman isn't dead.
Bm F# Bm E A
EShe deserted on the previous morning, replaced her uniform with dresses silk
and green E A E E A E E A E E A
E7Called herself Eileen, came to London town, now she's settled down. She's
E F#m GThis girl is made of lipstick, Powder and paint,
C Am F GSees the pictures of herself, every magazine on every shelf.
E F#m GThis girl is Maid of Bond Street, hailing cabs,
C Am F GLunches with executives, gleaming teeth, sipaparatives (thats what the words
sound like, I have no idea what they really are.)
E DThis girl is a lonely girl
E DTakes the train from Banning Turn(?) to Oxford Turn(?)
E DShe reads the daily news but passengers
C Am F GDon't smile at her, oh no, don't smile at her.
E F#m GThis girl is made of loneliness, a broken heart
C Am F GFor the boy that she once knew doesn't want to know her anymore.
E DAnd this girl is a lonely girl,
E DEverything she wants is hers but she can't make it
E DWith the boy she really wants to be with
C Am F GAll the time, to love all the time.
E F#m GThis boy is made of envy, jealosy
C Am F GHe doesn't have a limosine, really wants to be a star himself.
E G A D GAnd this girl, her world is made of flashlights and film
G A D GHer cares are scratched on the cutting room floor
G C F GAnd Maid of Bond Street, ride 'round in chauffeured cars
G C F GMaid of Bond Street, picture clothes, eyes of stars
G C F GMaid of Bond Street, children have love affairs
G C (tacet)Maid of Bond Street, children have worldly cares.
FCCCFG. PLEASE MR.GRAVEDIGGER There Are No Chords At All Just Sound Effects and Accapelo whining, but still a rather depressing fine song! THE LAUGHING GNOME THE LAUGHING GNOME C Ab C I was walking- down the high street- when I heard footsteps behind me, Ab C F C F C and there was a little old man in scarlet and grey, chuckling away. Ab C Well he trotted- back to my house- and he sat beside the telly, Ab C F C F C with his tiny hands on his tummy, chuckling away, chugging all day. [spoken] "I ought to report you to the gnome office." "Gnome office, ha,ha,ha!" Bb9 F7 Bb9 F7 Ha,ha, ha!- Hee,hee, hee!- I'm a laughing gnome and you can't catch me.- Bb9 F7 Bb9 Ab7 F7 Ha,ha, ha!- Hee,hee, hee!- I'm a laughing gnome and you can't catch me.- C Said the laughing gnome. Ab C Well I gave him- roasted toad-stools- And a glass of dandelion wine. Ab C F C F C Then I put him on a train to Eastbourne and carried his bag and gave him a fag. C "Ave you got a light boy?" "'Ere! Where do you come from?" "Gnome-man's land." "Oh,really." C Ab C In the morning- when I woke up- he was sitting on the edge of my bed- Ab C F C F C with his brother whose name was Fred. He'd brought him along- to sing me a song.- C "Alright let's here it?" "'Ere! what's that clicking sound?" F "That's Fred. He's a metrognome." "Own up. I'm a gnome, ain' I?" C "Ain't you got a gnome to go to?" "No! We're gnomads." "Didn't they teach you to get your 'aircut at school? You look like a rolling gnome." "Not at the London school of Ecognomics." C Ab C Now they staying- up the chimney- and we're living on caviar and honey- Ab C F C F C 'cause they're earning me lots of money,writing comedy prose for radio shows. "It's the er- it's the gnome service, of course." [repeat chorus and fade]
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