David Bowie - Cant Help Thinking About Me chords

David Bowie

Tabbed by: dwegowy (on a ukulele, no less)
Email: dwegowy@gmail.com

D A E [x3]

[Verse 1]
E C#mQuestion-time that says
A CI brought dishonor
FMy head's bowed in shame
DmIt seems that
E C DI've blackened the family name
EMother says that
C#m A Cshe can't stand the neighbors' talking
FI've gotta pack my bags
Dmleave this home
E C Dstart walking, yeah
A GI'm guilty
C AI wish that I was sorry this time
CI wish that I could pay for my crime
D A EI can't help thinking about me
D A EI can't help thinking about me
D A C F EI can't help thinking about me
[Verse 2]
E C#mRemember when we used to go
A Cto church on Sundays
FI lay awake at night,
Dmterrified of school
E C Don Mondays
A GOh, but it's too late now
C AI wish I was a child again
CI wish I felt secure again
[Chorus] [Bridge]
E D AAs I pass a recreation ground
E I remember my friends,
D Aalways been found
Eand I can't...
[Chorus] [Verse 3]
E C#mNow I leave them all
A Cin the never-never land
F DmThe station seems so cold,
E C Dthe ticket's in my hand
E C#mMy girl calls my name
A C"Hi, Dave.
F Dm Drop in, see you around, come back
E C DIf you're this way again."
A GOh, I'm on my own
C AI've got a long way to go
CI hope I make it on my own
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