David Brent - Freelove On The Freelove Freeway chords

This is taken from http://www.bbc.co.uk/comedy/theoffice/freelove_tablature.shtml    

I take NO credit for this tab. 

David Brent - Freelove Freeway

Verse 1:
C F Am GPretty girl on the hood of a cadillac, yeah
C F Am GShe's broken down on Freeway 9.
C F Am GI take a look, I get her engine started, and
C F Am Gleave her purring and I roll on by. Bye, bye
C F Am GFree love on the freelove freeway, the
C F Am GLove is free and the freeway's long, I got some
C F Am GHot love on the hotlove highway, ain't
C F Am GGoing home 'cause my baby's gone (she's gone)
Verse 2:
C F Am GA little while later, see a Senorita,
C F Am GShe's caught a flat trying to make it home.
C F Am GShe says, "Por favor, can you pump me up?"
C F Am GI say, "Muchos gracias, adios. Bye, bye."
Verse 3:
C F Am GA long time later I see a cowboy crying
C F Am G"Hey buddy, what can I do?"
C F Am GHe says, "I lived a good life, had about a thousand women,"
C F Am GI said, "Why the tears?", he says, " ' Cause none of them was you".
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