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Too Many Tears

Corrected by Guga Fabbro

Standard Tuning
|Am7    |C   G  | x4

Am7              C       G                          
I used to be the man for you,
Did everything you wanted me to,
So, tell me, baby,where did I go 

I told you what you wanted to know,
Precious secrets never spoken before.
All I’m asking,Where did I go 

F               C           G
Some things are better left unsaid,
F               C           G
But, all I do is cry instead,
Now, I’ve cried me a river,
F                        G
Thinking how it used to be...


|             C        F         C
| There’ve been too many tears falling,
|                   C        F 
| And there’ve been too many hearts
| C
| Breaking in two.
| G                Am            Dm
| Remember what we had together,
|      C            F    G
| Believing it would last forever.
| Am7                 C         G
| So, tell me, baby, Where did I go 
| Am7      C         G
| wrong...

Everything I had was yours,
More than I have ever given before,
So, won’t you tell me Did I hurt you so 

I guess I’m fooling myself,
’cause I want you and no one else.
And I can’t understand
Why you’re doing these things to me...

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