David Crowder Band – O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing tab ver. 2

First of all, sorry this is only the intro! I'm desperate to get some
feedback that i'm going in the right direction though, and I think this is
much closer to the recording than the existing tab.
I AM WORKING ON THE REST OF THE TAB! and the second part of the riff repeats
itself every few bars and is the outro, so please try not to despair too much!
One last comment, learn this slowly, play it as open as you can and listen
to how David plays it as I'm not 100% on the hammers/pull offs.
I'd REALLY appreciate all the feedback you can give!

Key: G
Tuning: EBEEAE - G goes down, D goes up (VERY SLOWLY!)
Capo 3
Timing: 3/4

x3 For those who are interested, the second bit is an octave up, and the entire song is based in the key of G major. David uses the tuning to simulate the celtic feel. If you don't fancy tuning your guitar like that, play the riffs as quite literally just the notes indicated - you don't need to use a capo if you transpose it up 3 semitones (5=8, 7=10, etc etc).
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