David J Roch - Skin And Bones chords

Starts immediately, standard tuning.  

A EDonít lose your soul as your eyes fall shut
B F#m Donít worry it will be over
A EHold on though youíre alone I am there with you
B F#mThat much at least I can promise
A EYou know whatís to come do not accept this
B F#mDonít lose your soul you much fight for each breath
A E BDonít you cryÖ quietly
A EDonít cry out for God
A EJust breath in and out
A EDonít cry out for God
Just breath in and out
B F#m A EOooooh ahhhhh ooooohhh
A E B We are the lambs to the slaughter now
A EI have no fear of death
B F#mSo donít try and save and please god forsake me
A EIíll suffer alone I just want to be left
A E B F#mMy soul as flown and I have what is left
A EI am skin and bones (x19 ish)
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