David Lee Murphy – Everytime I Get Around You chords

[Intro] D A G AE|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------7h8-7----2-2-2-3p2-3p2-----1-0----2-2-2-3p2-3p2------|G|--------7---7----2-2-2-2---2-------0-0----2-2-2-2---2--------|D|------7-7h9-7----2-2-2-4p2-4p2-----2-0----2-2-2-4p2-4p2------|A|---7/9-------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------3---------------------------|
D A G AE|-------------------------------------------------------------|B|------7-7h8-7----2-2-2-3p2-3p2-----1-0----2-2-2-3p2-3p2------|G|------7-7---7----2-2-2-2---2-------0-0----2-2-2-2---2--------|D|------7-7h9-7----2-2-2-4p2-4p2-----2-0----2-2-2-4p2-4p2------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------3---------------------------|
G A I can feel those wheels start turnin' round honey
G AWhen you walk into the room
G A G AThe rest of the world fades right off into the blue
G A Yeah I'm off the ground up in the clouds
G A Not sure which one I'm on
G AAnd I couldn't tell you what day it was baby
G ANot when your in my arms, cause honey
D A G A I forget about everything every time I get around you
D A G AGirl it's like I got a one track mind, all I want to do
G A Is stare into those big brown eyes
G A It's almost like I'm hypnotized
G AEvery time, every time I get around you
D A G A (same lead notes as intro)
G AYou'd think by now I'd learn somehow
G ATo keep it under control
G A G ABut girl your the kind that makes a man just wanna let go
G AI don't care about nothing but your sweet loving
G AWhen you look at me that way
G ASometimes when I'm holding you tight
G AI can't remember my name, cause honey
[Chorus] D A G A (x2)
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