David Ruis – Sweet Mercies chords

Sweet Mercies 
Words and Music: David Ruis
Tabbed by: Justin Greer

[Standard tuning]

	C	x32010		
	F	133211
	Gsus  	320033
	G  	320003
	Dm7  	x57565
	G7	323003

Intro:	C	(I like to play around with the chord to add effect)

C F CIt’s our confession Lord, that we are weak
F C Gsus G CSo very weak, but You are strong
C F C And though we’ve nothing Lord, to lay at your feet
F C Gsus G CWe come to Your feet and say, “Help us along”
Dm7 CA broken heart and a contrite spirit
F Gsus G You have yet to deny
Dm7 CYour heart of mercy beats with love’s strong current
F Gsus Let the river flow by your Spirit now, Lord we cry
CLet Your mercies fall from heaven
FSweet mercies flow from heaven
G7New mercies for today
CShower them down Lord as we pray (x2)
[Repeat All] [Chorus]
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