Gimme Some Lovin tab with lyrics by Davis Spencer Group - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Davis Spencer Group – Gimme Some Lovin tab

G. Love and Special Sauce
Gimme Some Lovin
as heard on Philadelphonic

tabbed by Alec LaLonde (

An outline -- figure it out from here.  Everything is finger picked

main riff:

Cm7? C F C G Ce-|-----3--0--3/5--0-----1-h3--0------0----|B-|-----1----------1-----1-----1---3--1----|G-|-----0----------0-----2-----0---0--0----|D-|-----2----------2-----3-----2------2----|A-|-----3----------3-----------3------3----|E-|--------------------------------3-------|
Cm7 Gimme some lovin early in the morning F I just woke up with this appetite C G C Cmon gimme love in the morning light Gimme some lovin early in the morning I just woke up with this appetite Cmon gimme love in the morning light main riff again Some people like it in the afternoon But I dont think that I can wait that soon Cmon gimme love in the mornin light Some people like it late at night I could wait that long but I dont think I might Cmon gimme love in the mornin light
interlude3x Ce-|------3/5---0------------------------------------|B-|----------------5/3-------3/5-0----1-------------|G-|-----------------------------------2-------------|D-|--3---3---3---3---3---3---3---3----0-------------|A-|---------------------------------3---------------|E-|-------------------------------------------------|
1x Cm7 (E-|-0-2-3) G (A-|-0-2-3) C Im gonna love you soft and love you sweet I can feel your heart beat I need your attention to get me started right Im gonna wake you up with a kiss on the cheek Come a little closer open up to me Good morning babe good mornin babe Open your eyes just a little bit Good morning sunshine I cant resist Dreaming about you babe all through the night
end parte-|-------------------------------------------|B-|------3/5---3------------------------------|G-|------------------5-----4---5--------------|D-|-------------------------------------------|A-|--0---3/5-5---5---5---5---5---5------------|E-|-------------------------------------------|
gets a little sketchy around with it C Ge-|-----3---------------------------|B-|-----3-------------1---------3---|G-|--0------------2-----------------|D-|-----------------2-------------0-|A-|-----------------------3/5-5-----|E-|--1--1-------0-------3-----------|
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