Dawes - Give Me Time chords

Dawes - Give Me Time


G C G C Em G Em G C D Ge|-3---3--3---3--3--3---3---3---3--2-h3p2-3---------------------------|B|-3---3--3---3--3--3---3---3---1--3------3---1p0-1p0-----------------|G|-0---0--0---0--0--0---0---0---0--2------0------------2p0------------|D|-0---0--0---0--0--0---2---0---2--0------0---------------------------|A|-x---3--0---3--2--x---2---x---3--x------x---------------------------|E|-3---x--3---x-----3---0---3---x--x------3---------------------------|
into bridge
G C GGive me time....
G C Em GGive me time....
Em GIf there's one thing you could give,
C DTo help me show you all that's mine,
GGive me time.
Show me love.... Show me love.... If there's one thing that you know, That I've not had any of, Show me love. Help me see.... Help me see.... If you know what it would take And find the patience that you need, Help me see. bridge (play around with the chords) Give me time.... Give me time.... If there's one thing you could give, To help me show you all that's mine, Give me time. outro
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